Monday, June 25, 2018

Riding My Bike

Good morning and happy Monday.  I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  I spent mine visiting my sister and niece in Ft. Lauderdale and today I'm starting a week long crop in Vero Beach.  What fun we will have.

I've known for a while that I needed to get more exercise.  Going from the bedroom to my studio to the kitchen and then back to my studio just wasn't enough.  I thought about a bike so that I could take my grandkids to the pool, but with the balance problems I have, my DH suggested a trike instead.  I was unsure, so we went to the store and I tried one out.  I liked it, but they only had it in gray so we ordered one in Mint Green.

Here's my DH putting it together.  "Let's see ... insert Tab A into Slot B ..."

He got it together in no time, but before he could even put the fenders on, I was off to the pool with Andrew and Carolina.  He can put the fenders on while I'm gone this week.

It's just a short ride to the pool and back, but my legs were so sore.  I know that I'll build up strength in them over time.

What a surprise it was to get a photo from Danny in California later that day.  Here he is at the store trying out a new bike.  What else should he be doing at 10:38 pm?

So here's the layout that these pictures are going in.  It's one of my new kits for June, and by how fast it's selling, there must be a lot of new bikes out there!

So thanks for stopping by my blog today.  In case you were wondering, I took my car to Cocoa Beach.  The basket on my new bike just wasn't big enough to hold all of my scrapbook stuff!  Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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  1. My trike is amazing!!!! My hubby is even more amazing by blessing me with it.