Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Snoopy is Happiness

Good morning! Friday was the last day of school, so yesterday wa the first day of "Lita's Summer Bible Camp" with two of my grandchildren (Andrew 6 and Carolina 4). The morning started out great! We had piano lessons, Bible study and Bible journaling, Bible story/video, we colored on a  gigantic world map that we started last Summer and then went to the pool. I told them it would be for 2 hours. Well, somehow I got distracted playing with them and 4 hours later, thank God, an afternoon shower storm came in and chased us home! It's only the first day of summer vacation and I am already sunburned. I think it is 4th degree burn!!! Oh well, tomorrow is another day.... I pray for wisdom and strength to tell them NO!!!!!! (hahahaha).

This is one of my latest kits and my friends are loving it. 

Have a wonderful, blessed, fun and happy day!

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