Wednesday, June 6, 2018

We Love Unicorns

Happy Wednesday!  Did I tell you that both of my granddaughters and I love unicorns?  My 6 year old grandson keeps telling me that they do not exist.  He has NO imagination!  We girls think that they are real in our fantasy world and are the cutest things ever!

I have so many pictures of Carolina with unicorns or in unicorn outfits that I decide to make layouts inspired by her. Here's one I made recently.

Her brother bought Carolina this adorable unicorn for Christmas.

Carolina loves the horn of the unicorn and she pretends to have one!

Her dress has a unicorn and she is one today!

This is a dress I ordered for her for a photo shoot we are planning this summer at a local farm which has "real white pony unicorns" for little girls.  I can't wait to see her face!

I love being a grandma and having these precious things around me every day. If you have some of your own, love them spoil them rotten and take lots of pictures because they sure grow pretty fast.
Have a fabulous, safe, fun and blessed day!

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