Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Princess Mary Kate.......

Good morning! There is nothing sweeter than a baby.....  I spent a few hours with Baby Mary Kate and her mother yesterday scrapping and playing.  I made these layouts for her album. She is already in album #3 and she is still scrapping hospital photos!!!! I think she is in trouble...

I am sooooo happy my friend Karen had a baby girl and not a boy! I want to show you some of her bows....

 One flower...

  Two flowers...

Three flowers...

Four flowers...

Talk about having your own garden.... I just can't wait to see the layouts with these precious pictures! Have a great, fabulous and blessed day!


  1. Beautiful layouts! I love all the flowers.

  2. Simsply adorable page. But the star of the show is that precious baby girl. Love your Clearwater layout from your trip .. awesome!

  3. What a beautiful baby with so many flowers LOL!! love those bows I used to make my daughters head bands so much fun!!

  4. Gorgeous layout but I have to tell you I am hooked on the photos of the baby with the bows... too cute for words. TFS

  5. Awww Mary Kate is soooo adorable. Love your adorable page. :)

  6. No se cual piropear primero: si las hermosas fotos, o la beba o tus LO !!! super lindas y divertidas ! las flores de tela en tu LO me fascinaron tambien!
    ~Maria Elena~