Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Good morning! I am finally back home after almost two weeks on the road. My daughter and I hosted a baby shower for my son's wife Lexie. She looks so beautiful! She is having a baby girl named Madison Rose at the end of August.

We had so much fun decorating the room. Everything was white and pink, of course! birds, bird cages, flowers, candles,  pearls, butterflies and angels decorated both candy and dessert tables.

Lexie's mom and I are the happiest grandma's-to-be on earth!!!!! We can't wait to hold baby Madison.

 My precious daughter Valerie is also pregnant!!!!! She is having a boy at the end of December. Wow.... double grandma in the same year!

I went shopping!!!!! The babies will be 4 months apart, wow..... I am sooo excited! God is so good!!!

I am a guest today at The Bug Bytes and while I was away my amazing husband made a video about "character sizing on the cricut". I am so impressed! I think I will travel more often....

Cricut Instructional Video

He says that he has enough material to make another video.  Hopefully he'll make another soon!

Have a terrific and blessed day!


  1. Oh Bea...what a blessing my friend!!!!! I am so happy for you :) Love the outfits you picked out - super cute!!! Hugs, T

  2. What a blessing Bea! Congratulations! It is good to see you back. xxx

  3. How exciting Bea, and congratulations to Valerie. Love all the decorations that you guys made up and those outfits are so adorable!
    Sandy Davis

  4. Congratulations - I bet you are excited! Cute outfits :)

  5. Oh Bea, I'm so happy for you!!!! 2 grand babies!! You're going to be such a wonderful grandma!!!

  6. Hugs & Congrats to you Bea. Love love love the baby shower decor. Those babies are gonna be sooooo spoiled. :)

  7. How exciting. Congratulations!

  8. Beatriz, you and DIL look wonderful together!!! All the pictures are beautiful!!!

    OMG, all the pink and white decor is just outstandingly gorgeous!!! What an amazing job! Congrats on another sweet little grand; you look so proud -- I would be too!

    I caught your hubby's video over at Pam's. How wonderful you could get him to go near a cricut not to mention give a tutorial. My hubby wouldn't even lay a finger on anything he called one of my "artsy-fartsy" machines... lol!!! I'm appreciative that he admires and really loves the projects I make (wouldn't expect anything more from him than!!)

    Hugs, my sweet friend and to all your beautiful family. You are certainly wonderfully blessed!

  9. Congrats Bea on your Double Blessing! The baby shower was decorated so beautifully!

    I don't think I have ever been so entertained watching a tutorial before! Your husband is a hoot!


  10. Te felicite por FB pero igual lo hago por aqui.... Muchas bendiciones, y ese Baby Shower quedo tan delicado y elegante, tal cual como sacado de una de tus creaciones en papel ;)