Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love scrapbooking.....

Good morning! Can I tell you I (again) I LOVE scrapbooking???? Who can sleep with all those new lines and colorful papers????? A fabulous store in Florida is going to carry some of my kits!!!! These are specially designed for them. I wanted to share them with you.

This first one is called "Lemonade for sale".

 This one is "Sweet Summertime"

This one is "Home grown"

This one is "Kiss the cook"

This one is " Chase your dream, dwell in possibility"

You can visit their blog right here. Have a fabulous, cool and blessed day!



  1. Congratulations Bea! These layouts are awesome. Love all the lemonade stands. The last kit is my favorite. Just love that color scheme.
    Sandy Davis

  2. Congratulations Beatriz!!! You know I wish the best for you, I love love the last one, is my favorite!! but every single one is awesome!!!

  3. I forgot to tell you I have another award for you!!

  4. Love this paper....especially the Home Grown pages. :)

  5. Bea, your kits are wonderful! I'm so happy for you!

  6. Well shoot girlfriend...I DO know what you mean by being so happy with our craft (its better now but I lost some serious sleep by being too excited thinking about stuff! LOL!)
    Congrats on your kits in store! How so cool is that?


  7. Wow, congratulations that your kits are in a store! And to think I knew you when! LOL.
    My best to you my friend!

  8. Wow, Beatrice, congratulations on your kits getting into that store -- how exciting!!!

    We all can just look at your layouts and pages to know you love what you do; the love and caring is visible on each and every beautiful page!

    I'm so proud of your getting your kits into a store, I've got to do a bit of bragging to the hubby and family about how my friend's kits are being sold!!! LOL!

    Don't forget us when your "Carol Duvall" famous!!! LOL!


  9. Hi, Bea! Well, I just had the best time catching up on your blog. We were out of town last week. These kits are AMAZING .. each one is so cute and ddifferent~ Big congrats on getting the kits in a store!!! You go girl!

  10. Wow Bea estos estan divinos todos !!! Q lindos detallitos en cada rincon de cada uno de ellos. Los papeles son full brillozos muy apropiados para este rico Summer !
    Me encantaria saber cuanto tiempo demoras en hacerlos ?
    Un besito,
    ~Maria Elena~

  11. Oh my.. all your layouts are so fun and packed with so much details! I LOVE THE ALL! :) The first one is my favorite though- for all the blues and greens- boyish colors! :)

  12. Wow!!!how fabulous is this to have your own designed kits in a store- I wish you the best! I too like the last one the best but- the summertime is cute also.

  13. I'm lucky enough to be one of those people who got to purchase 4 kits from the store in Florida and after purchasing them I drove right home and put together the one with the flower pot. it only took about 30 minutes the pictures to look at to design the layouts were great and all the pieces were there which is an extra bonus because I can't begin to tell you how many times that doesn't happened when I purchase kits like yours. Can't wait for them to get more in.. The circus one you sent was great also makes me want to go to the cirucs to take pictures just for that page. THANK YOU THANK YOU you are one talented women.