Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For the Record 2 from Echo Park

Good morning!  Do you ever come across a collection of papers that you are crazy about?  This happened to me with For the Record 2 from Echo Park.  They have two versions; one in blues, green and yellows and the other one in reds and oranges.  Well, here's some inspiration using both lines.

My precious granddaughter Madison Rose is having a time of her life in Venezuela!  She goes swimming daily and is starting to get a tan. Tomorrow she and her parents are flying to Margarita Island for a week!  What a life.....

Have a fabulous and blessed day!


  1. WOW, beautiful layouts all those little detail love them!!!
    And your are right what a life she is having :)

  2. Love the color hues on your l/o's. It's amazing how quickly you can create your l/o's. Madison is quite a bathing beauty! Have a great day!