Friday, October 19, 2012


Good morning!  No..... I am not sick, praise the Lord.  I found these cool papers and embellishments and made them into a kit and, to my surprise, it sold out quickly!

So many times we have pictures of our kids when they are sick that we would love to scrap. Well, here's a cute way to do it. Or maybe you are a nurse or a doctor and have some pictures of the folks around your office or hospital.  This will be terrific for those photos, as well!

I just love this little clipboard.  It reminds me of how, when you go to a new doctor for the first time, you need to show up an hour early just to fill out all of the paperwork!

Have a safe, fun and blessed weekend!


  1. This kit is so cute. Love it. Very true about so many of us having pictures of our kids especially being sick and not having the perfect layout. This is adorable. Love the clip board and band aid. ANA

  2. I love this kit. The clip board and bandages are the perfect embellishments. Have a safe weekend Beatriz!