Tuesday, October 16, 2012

School Layouts

Good morning!  Here are some photos from a crop I was at a week ago at Treasured Memories in Lafayette, Louisiana.

I don't know why it is, but every scrapbooker carries a lot of baggage.  I mean this in the literal sense.  We all have a ton of stuff, and we feel this need to bring all of it, just in case we might need it!  Forget the fact that we could always beg, borrow or buy.

Now this, of course, leads to "border encroachment", where a scrapper's stuff tends to "migrate" into the next scrapper's precious territory.  Fortunately, no one has ever been seriously hurt in these border clashes!

Here's the crop room in full action.

This is one of the fun layouts I designed for Treasured Memories.  I had so much fun playing with these papers while I was there!

Look at the lockers how cool they open!

This is another school layout  I made using the same color scheme.

I sure had a great time & I want you to have a great and blessed day!


  1. Isn't it funny that we all tend to take everything we can carry at the time and yet still manage to forget something. Funny. Who's pile fell? Was it your stuff? LOL. Great layouts. Love the lockers opening. TFS. Ana

  2. Seeing your crop photos made me laugh. I'm always trying to stay in my space at a crop but sometimes it doesn't work out. lol
    I love the school layouts. The lockers are really cool.

  3. Just got back from a 4-day crop and the exact same thing. We usually drag more than we need, but always forget something. Thank God croppers are so kind and willing to share. Loved your school l/o's.

  4. Looks like you had lots of fun! Love the school layouts and how you did the lockers.

  5. Awesome Awesome layouts oh Layout queen. I am glad you had lots of fun at the crop. Thanks for sharing

  6. Oh My these LO are just beautiful and full of inspiration! I love the paper line I recently bought it but had no inspiration to use them. I love it and the little open locker doors will totally be scraplifted. :)Thanks for sharing!!