Thursday, October 11, 2012

Remember Today

Good morning and happy Thursday!  Hope you are having a great week.  Our son Danny, his wife Lexie and their baby Madison Rose flew to Venezuela on Tuesday.  He is going to play winter ball there with one of their major league teams called Cardenales de Lara (Lara Cardinals. Lara is a State).  They left Louisiana on Tuesday at noon and got into their hotel at 5 a.m. the following day.  Danny had to be at the field 12 hours later since the season opens today.  He was featured in the local newspapers and I can see his face how tired he is.  I am sure that once as he gets a full night sleep he will be much better. Lexie told us that Madison (13 months old) did amazing in all their flights (3 all together, one being over 5 hours) and the 6 hour bus ride through the mountains!.  They will be there for the next six weeks.  I am certain that this is an experience that this young family will treasure forever.

My layout is just perfect for this picture and many more!

These papers and embellishments are from  Echo Park's Collection called  For the Record 2. Love, love, love the vibrant, bright colors.

Look at what the tags say!!!! It's just perfect for the occasion.

Thank you for stopping by and for being part of our lives. Have a wonderful and blessed day and remember to celebrate all your loved one's lives. Love ya always!


  1. The memories they are making and the stories he will be able to tell his grandchildren will be amazing. May God keep them safe and blessed.
    Your page says it all.
    Your friendly stalker Kelli here

  2. Oh My gosh Bea, this is gorgeous. I love this layout. So pretty. Is this paper line at the niche. I love it.

    Good luck to your son in the winter games. Thankfully the trip went well and they are safe.


  3. Beautiful layout and story of a precious family! Love you guys!

  4. Good morning B :)
    YAY - Congrats to Danny and his beautiful family!! I must show Damian this post. The first thing he is going to tell me is "Mom that is so cool!!!!" Your son is a huge inspiration to the young players with a dream!!!

    Absolutely LOVE these layouts. The colors are AMAZING!!

    Carinos, T

  5. WOW!!! I am from Venezuela!!!!! And I love Baseball!! my team is another (Leones del Caracas) but my mon is a real super fan of "Cardenales de Lara" (since she was child!!!!) and i am proud by your son!!! I desire good luck!!!

    Sorry for my begginer english lol :)

  6. Hola Beatriz, tienes q ser la madre mas orgullosa en estos momentos!! te felicito y algo q me llamo la atencion fue que tan solo viendo la foto sabes como se siente, uno como madre bien q los conoce :)
    Y tu layout como dices perfecto para esa foto!!! gracias por compartir :)